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Seamed Stockings Contrast Black w Red - WKD

What Katie Did


* Sophisticated sheer black nylons with a contrasting red seam
* Full contrast with red foot, point heel, seam and welt
* Wear with plain black accessorized with red jewellery for a striking look
* Manufactured from sheer 15 denier nylon in Italy, the heart of quality hosiery manufacturing
* Made from a blend of stretch nylon and elastane for a comfortable fit

Small Medium :  5ft 1” – 5ft 7” or 110-145lbs

Medium Large:  5ft 5” – 5ft 11” or 120-175lbs

Oh la la! Although these nylons are made in Italy they look very Parisian to me. I can just see them being worn with a tight black pencil skirt, black and white Breton top and jaunty red scarf.

While you can't beat classic plain black seamed stockings, this red seam version certainly will add some playful charm to your ensemble.

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