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Pink Pinup Mermaid Gathered Satin Skirt - Large

Calling all mermaids!!! 

This beautiful satin skirt features my favorite vintage mermaid soap dish, the elusive pink and gold mermaid holding a shell! Also featured is a cute pink seahorse and lovely gold oyster with a pearl inside!

Printed on beautiful high quality satin material. This satin is medium weight and flow-y not stiff at all. It drapes beautifully with or without a petticoat. This fabric has a bit of stretch to it so you can be more comfortable and also features an extra 1" on the waistband so you can move the button over either way for a perfect fit. There is also a pocket on the right side for your lipstick and your phone.

Each skirt features my signature so you know it's an original Denialle Von Fitch design.

All rights reserved ©2016 Denialle Von Fitch

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