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MCM Furniture Novelty Print Gathered Skirt

Oblong Box

This adorable skirt features illustrations of my favorite mid century furniture pieces! A lamp that I actually bought with my first paycheck from my first design job, a chair, a fantastic television & stereo console, a boomerang coffee table, a sputnik clock and a 1950's sofa. With an orange background and teal blue trim, this skirt is the perfect skirt for any mid century modern collector!

This skirt features an extra 1" on the waistband so you can move the button over either way for a perfect fit. There is also a pocket on the right side for your lipstick and your phone.

Each skirt features my signature so you know it's an original Denialle Von Fitch design.

All rights reserved ©2016 Denialle Von Fitch

S 26-27″ 26″
M 29-30″ 26″
L 31-32″ 26″
XL 33-34″ 26″
2X 37-38″ 26″
3X 40-41″ 26″


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