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Mother and Cub Love

Mother and Cub Love


Lioness' hide their cubs for 6-weeks after they?re born but we don?t want to hide this sweet pair from you. The hand-painted details on the lovely solid resin can make these two into the pride of any ensemble.

We're not lion when we say, for the first six weeks of their lives a lioness mother keeps her cubs close to her side. Now that?s something to take pride in.

Original Designer Sally Land
Height 56 mm x Width 63 mm

Each piece is hand assembled, hand painted and released in limited quantities. All designs are made from layered resin. As designs are produced from original illustrations and are hand assembled, hand painted and hand finished, there may be minor differences from piece to piece, making each as unique as the those who wear them. Metal components used in creating this piece include a beautiful and strong silver-plated steel brooch pin. Any earring posts, earring hooks, necklace chains and jump rings used for this piece are made from silver-plated.

Designs come packaged in Erstwilder gift boxes.

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